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Suveika provides consultancy services in business by engaging the methods of cultural anthropology adjusted to the business media from Romania. We can help you when other methods of consultancy may seem as if they have failed you.


Participatory Observation

It’s the main technique for applied anthropology, the most efficient working tool. It allows internal understanding of any organizational culture, beyond the current stereotypes or bias. Provided information is close to the actual fact, giving a name and a shape to the human and material reality.


Our team has the practical ability and necessary experience supplied by hundreds of ethnographic field hours which enable us to mine the core information leading to the construction of facts'reality.

Focus Group

Within organizations the focus group conveys information from the assembly of the members and allows identify

Ethnographic field investigation

The ethnographic field investigation is capable of boosting deep insights based on the narrativity of human condition. It is both an art and a science.


Client Behaviour

Organizational anthropology

Insight and Foresight Marketing

Courses and Training


SUVEICA (the SHUTTLE) is a wooden device from the traditional loom used for carrying the weft thread between the warp threads for solid weaving. In Romanian collective imaginary and folklore, the shuttle is associated with easy thinking, freedom of movement and the ability of getting out quickly from complicated situations or obstacles.

It’s the same for through the methods we use, the human and professional experience, we can help you overcome the difficult situations in your activity, the uncertainty or risk areas. We’re efficient where other consultancy methods seem to have reached their limits or they haven’t been successful. From explaining client behaviour to brand transformation, we bring in a profit growth through profound understanding of the business environment reality in constant change. We generate new approaches and get ready to fight back challenges of the future.   

Clients & Collaborators

Consulting services using cultural anthropology’s methods
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Suveika is in a constant search of undergrad and MA students passionate about social sciences, particularly about anthropology, ethnography, sociology and political sciences. We provide research internships with variable length. We appreciate quick and analytical minds, detail hunters, good communicators. In exchange we can give the chance of discovering the business environment from the inside, as well as the Romanian society, various career opportunities among Suveika or the companies we work with.
From the applications we’ll receive, we’d mostly like to find out details regarding your studies, relevant experiences with the above mentioned subjects, international exposure if any as well as anything else that can prove you’re different and entitled to be part of a different consultancy team. We are in a constant search of students passionate about anthropology, ethnography, sociology and political sciences.

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